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Every day, you help patients to see more clearly. But when it comes to making sure you have the right insurance to protect your practice, the view may look a little blurry. It shouldn’t be a strain on you to foresee risks that can impact your business. That’s why we’ve curated some true-to-life examples of challenges a practice like yours may face – to help you understand your exposures, and the types of insurance you might need, with clarity.

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Core coverage where it counts

The right solution begins with the essential coverage your business needs, all delivered through our thoughtfully designed Business Owner’s Policy (BOP), including:

Property – Protects buildings, furnishings and fixtures, product supplies/inventory, personal property, and expensive equipment used to provide services.

General Liability (GL) – Covers damages, settlements and legal fees if you are sued or held liable for unintended premises bodily injury or property damage. We offer GL limits up to $2M/$4M, including Products Liability and Personal & Advertising Injury.

Business Income and Extra Expense (BIEE) – Protects your revenue stream, helping you get back up and running if a covered loss impacts your business.

Our BOP also includes a few other key coverages to protect the health of your business: Computer Equipment; Data & Media (EDP) – Equipment Breakdown – up to the BPP limit; and Employee Theft and Dishonesty.

Cover the bases - coverages that can be added

Workers Compensation
Umbrella – Up to $25 million for catastrophic losses.
Commercial Auto – Comprehensive coverage for vehicles owned and registered to your business.


People who bought glasses or contacts in a doctor’s office in the previous 12 months.
(Statista Spring 2017 Industry Report)


About 14 million Americans 12 years and older self-reported visual impairment.
(CDC.gov initiative on vision health)


Projected growth rate for employment 2016–2026.


U.S. Vision Care Market size (and yes, that’s with a “B”) including $16B for optometrists.
(Statista Spring 2017 Industry Report)

Real-world examples

Please wade in the lobby.

After a burst pipe over the weekend, the staff arrives Monday to find the office – eyeglasses, equipment, office supplies and all – floating in a foot of water. Rather than ask clients to paddle through, they close for five days to clean up and replace damaged equipment. Some appointments were able to be rescheduled; others were not. The Daily Limit option in Medical Dental PremierSM covers lost income up to $5,000/day for 15 days – even if the client appointments are all rescheduled.

The court will decide whether age comes before beauty.

A 62-year-old optician believes the owner replaced him with a younger woman to help the office appear more youthful. He sues the office practice, alleging age discrimination. Employment Practices Liability+SM (EPL+SM) helps cover legal defense costs, regardless of whether the owner is found at fault – as well as potential settlement damages, up to the EPL+ coverage limit.

When the pupils fail the light exam.

As part of a routine exam, an optometrist dilates a customer’s pupils. The patient doesn’t feel comfortable driving after such a procedure and arranges for her spouse to drive her home. She leaves the office and begins to walk toward a nearby bistro to meet her spouse for lunch but the bright sun impacts her vision. Mistaking a concrete parking curb for a painted line, she trips and comes face-to-face with the pavement. The practice later finds that the customer is suing them for failing to adhere to standard of care. The optional Optometrists Professional Liability add-on is available to address bodily injury arising from an optometric incident.

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